Basic First Aid Course: Step-By-Step Guide To Control Severe Bleeding

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Imagine this: You saw someone in an accident right in front of you. As the moment of panic sets in, you call for help. You realize that your actions can make a big difference and save the person from the hands of death.

Having the knowledge and skills acquired in the basic first AID course can be handy in those dire circumstances. Let us learn how basic first aid training can rescue a person during a moment of severe bleeding.

With the basic First Aid certificate, you will learn to help a person in the case of a medical emergency.

What do you learn in the Basic First Aid Course?

The American Heart Association (AHA) has designed a heartsaver first aid training program for people who have limited or no medical knowledge or training. This helps an individual to act promptly during a medical emergency.

Things You Learn In Basic First Aid Training

  • How do you control bleeding?
  • Ways to access and treat injuries
  • How do you treat minor injuries?
  • Recognize medical emergencies
  • Check for vital signs like breathing, pulse rate, consciousness, and so on

Once you acquire the basic first aid certification, you can also inspire others to take the course.

What To Do When Someone Is Bleeding Heavily?

It can be quite overwhelming and traumatic to see someone bleeding heavily. Therefore, it is important to stay calm and keep the situation under control.

Uncontrolled bleeding can trigger some major conditions that lead to death.

In the following, I have prepared a list of steps that you must follow when you see someone bleeding heavily:

Here’s What You Can Do:

Step 1: Take Safety into Consideration First

Take the individual out to somewhere safe where you can take a proper look at the wound. Make sure that you and the individual are both safe and away from danger.

Step 2: Call the medical emergency number, 911, and ask for help

Before you start to do something, call 911 immediately or ask someone to call the emergency number while you start taking action to stop bleeding.

Step 3: Protect yourself from injured people, as they may carry some bloodborne pathogens.

Be careful when you start cleaning the wound. Wear protective equipment like gloves to protect yourself from carrying bacteria or pathogens. Don’t force yourself to remove a large or deeply twisted object from the body. This may cause more damage.

Step 4: Use a clean cloth to cover the wound

Use a sterile basic first aid tool or clean cloth to clean or cover the wound. If the cloth is soaked in blood, don’t remove it. Just apply another cloth and continue applying pressure until the bleeding stops.

However, if the person has an eye injury or has any foreign particles trapped, don’t apply any pressure. If direct pressure is not working, apply pressure to the nearest point of the wound to control bleeding. 

Step 5: Keep the person conscious

Until the medical emergency arrives, keep the person conscious. Monitor important signs of life like breathing, chest movements, and so on.

You will gradually learn about all these in your Basic First Aid Course. 

Additionally, once you are done with your basic first aid certification, you can also apply for its renewal.

Finding the right First Aid certificate in Frederick County

There are an ample number of AHA-certified institutions that offer the basic first aid course in Frederick County, Maryland. However, finding an affordable one is a heck of a task.

To help you with this, Comfikare CPR offers an affordable First Aid certificate course in Frederick County.

Due to your busy schedule, you may not be able to devote time to your basic first aid certification. The AHA Heartsaver First Aid Course provides one-of-a-kind training on the Basic First Aid Course. With Comfikare CPR, our trained experts provide simple first aid training at home too.

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