How the KCC ITM is helping students develop their leadership skills?

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Students are gaining leadership experience from KCC ITM in a variety of ways, such as:

Curriculum: The KCC ITM offers instruction on a broad range of subjects related to leadership, including:

  • Interaction
  • Collaborative problem-solving

Making decisions, resolving conflicts, and inspiring

  • Change control

Apart from these fundamental subjects, the KCC ITM provides an assortment of leadership-related elective courses, including:

  • Behaviour in Organisations
  • Human resource administration
  • Leadership morality
  • tactical guidance
  • Services and Programmes:

The KCC ITM provides a range of services and programs to help students who want to become more adept at leadership, such as:

Workshops, seminars, and other activities are all part of the year-long Leadership Development Programme, which gives students the chance to hone their leadership abilities.

Student Leadership Council: Students can take on leadership roles and positively impact the KCC ITM community through this student-run organization.

Mentorship Programme: Students are paired with seasoned leaders who can offer them advice and encouragement as they hone their leadership abilities.


The KCC ITM fosters a leadership culture. This is accomplished through a range of programs, including:

Encouraging students to assume leadership positions: In clubs, student organizations, and other extracurricular activities, the KCC ITM promotes student leadership.

Student Leadership Awards: The KCC ITM’s annual Student Leadership Awards program honors and grants recognition to deserving students.

Giving pupils a chance to take the lead and change the world: Through its numerous programs and services, including the Student Leadership Council, the Mentorship Programme, and the Leadership Development Programme, the KCC ITM gives students a chance to take the lead and change the KCC ITM community.

  • Successful Student Leaders as Examples
  • Several accomplished student leaders have come from the KCC ITM, including:
  • The Student Leadership Council’s president
  • The KCC ITM basketball team’s captain
  • The creator and leader of a student-run group that advocates for social justice
  • KCC ITM Student Leadership Award Recipient

A few instances of how the KCC ITM assists students in honing their leadership abilities are these student leaders.


KCC ITM is dedicated to assisting students in enhancing their leadership abilities. The goal of the KCC ITM’s curriculum, services, programs, and culture is to equip students with the information, abilities, and practical experience necessary to succeed as leaders.

Apart from the aforementioned, the KCC ITM is implementing several other measures to assist students in cultivating their leadership abilities, including:

Collaboration with groups that support leadership development: To give students access to resources and training, the KCC ITM has partnered with several groups that support leadership development.

Providing seminars and workshops on leadership development: The KCC ITM frequently provides students with seminars and workshops on leadership development.

Speaking on campus: The KCC ITM frequently extends invitations to accomplished individuals to give talks on campus and impart their experiences to students.

In terms of leadership development, the KCC ITM is a pioneer. The KCC ITM is dedicated to giving students the education, training, and real-world experience they need to succeed as leaders.

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