How to Create a Good Content Strategy

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In the era of online businesses and digital marketing, content is king. Your content is usually the first point of interaction between your customer and your business. Hence, you should be very careful while crafting your content strategy. There are hundreds of examples of businesses creating helpful content for the target audience and in return attracting multiple clients. That way, content becomes a good source of marketing your business. 

The audience that consumes your content over a period of time starts trusting you as an authoritative source for the information you are providing in your content. Thus your credibility increases in the eyes of your potential customers. Content can help you in establishing brand awareness, increasing your reach, generating leads, and bringing more sales and revenue. 

Previously we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of taking your business online. Today, we will discuss the next step after you decide to take your business online.

What is a Content Strategy?

A good content strategy focuses on producing valuable content, engaging with the audience, and eventually bringing conversions for the business. Content strategy refers to the planning and conceptualization of content to achieve marketing goals. 

It’s important to note that content strategy and content marketing strategy are two different terms. Content marketing strategy emphasizes the purpose of content creation, the target audience, and how the content can benefit them while the content strategy comprises the creation, publication, and management and tracking of the content.

Why is it Important to Make a Content Strategy?

Making a content strategy is important to obtain good results from your content.

70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing which makes it compulsory to focus on your content strategy, to outstand the competition in your industry. A well-crafted content strategy includes the content pillars, content distribution channels, content format, and content calendar. 

Your content can be a great source of attracting website traffic and new leads in the long run, without any extra effort. For instance, if you published a blog or Youtube video today and it gets a good amount of traffic consistently, it will keep generating new leads for you over the period of time. 

Your content can open new earning opportunities for you as well. You can try new monetization ways through your content in the form of sponsored content and ads.

How to Make a Good Content Strategy?

Now that we have understood what is content strategy and the importance of content strategy, let’s see how to make a good content strategy. 

Example of a Content Strategy Plan

Define Your Goals

The very first step in the way of creating a good content strategy is to define your objectives clearly. It might sound very basic but this is the foundation of your content marketing and content strategy. Consider your high-level business goals and accordingly define your achievable through content strategy.

Finalize Your Buyer Persona

The next step is to decide for whom you will create the content, basically making your target audience clear. There is a saying in the marketing industry.

 “If you try to sell to everyone, you will end up selling to no one”.

That’s why you need to be very specific about your buyer persona. The buyer persona is the detailed information or avatar of your ideal customer. You might need to do deep thinking and analysis combined with good research to make your buyer persona.

Focus on Quality Rather than Quantity

Do you know 99% of the content that is posted goes useless? The reason is that the content is not valuable to the readers and ultimately unappealing to the search engines to rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). So make sure that your content helps your target audience in the way it is supposed to. If you create useful content for your readers and follow basic SEO guidelines, it’s not difficult to rank your content on Search Engine Results Pages. 

Measure the Results of Content Regularly

Finally, you need to publish your well-thought-out and crafted content on the distribution channels and track their results. You need to observe the analytics of your content deeply and after the assessment, tweak your content strategy accordingly.

So, this is how you can craft a good content strategy for your business and attract inbound leads. To read more about the marketing concepts you can visit Master Bazar’s blogs and learn digital marketing tactics comprehensively.

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