How to Fix Brother Printer Error 50

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No doubt Brother printers are one of the best printers available in the market. The build quality and performance of Brother printers are unmatchable with any other brands. But in the end, these are also electronic devices so they also fall into errors and glitches at times. One of the biggest challenges that Brother printer users face, is in the form of Brother printer error 50. In this article, we are going to rescue our readers from this error by providing the right troubleshooting tips. So if you are also a Brother printer user, don’t miss any part of this article.

What is Brother printer Error 50?

Brother printer error 50 indicates an internal problem in the printer. When the user performs power cycle he/she encounters an error, known as error 50. In other words, the user faces an error while unplugging and plugging the printer. The user sees a torn piece of paper displayed in the printer when the error occurs.

Reasons Why the Brother Printer Error 50 Occurs

Understanding the reason behind your printer displaying error 50 can help you troubleshoot the problem easily. Below are some of the reasons why this error occurs. 

  1. Paper or a piece of paper is stuck in the printer
  2. A technical error in the printer
  3. Inappropriate handling of the printer

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error 50

Below are the solutions you can try to fix the Brother Printer Error 50. Follow all the steps in the provided sequence to eliminate the error successfully.

Solution 1

Firstly we will try basic troubleshooting steps. 

  • Open the cover of the scanner of the printer that is present on the left and right sides of the printer. 
  • Now move the printhead of the printer to the central location.
  • Then make sure that there is no piece of paper stuck in the printer.
  • Finally, restart the printer and check if the issue is resolved. If the issue persists, follow the other troubleshooting method.

Solution 2 

  • Switch off the Brother printer 
  • Take out all the wires attached to the printer including USB cables and the main power switch.
  • Search for any paper or piece of paper stuck in the printer.
  • Now clean the encoder strip of the printer using a lint-free cloth.
  • Once done, ensure the encoder strip is placed in the right position.
  • Finally, restart the printer.

So, these were the troubleshooting steps to solve Brother printer error 50. Follow the steps in the mentioned ways and sequence and the issue will be resolved.

Get a Professional Brother Printer Support

If the above steps could not help you in solving the Brother printer error 50, you must go for professional help. A technical expert can assist you to solve the problem efficiently. 24×7 Printer Support is an organization that provides assistance to solve printer errors. You can contact them for any kind of help with your Brother printer.

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