Things You Should Follow After Cupping Therapy For the Best Results

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If you are going to get a cupping massage for the first time, there are certain things that need to be followed right after the session ends for the best results. Once the cupping procedure ends, post-Hijama or post-cupping therapy care is important to get the maximum positive outcome. Only an expert performs the best cupping therapy to help you recover faster and relaxed.

To Help You Maximize the Positive Effects, Here are a Few Things You Can Do:

Stay Hydrated

It is important to keep yourself hydrated after the cupping therapy, especially for the lymphatic system. Water helps flush out the toxins from the lymphatic system during the therapy. Drinking enough water helps to remove the toxins that are pulled up on the surface of the skin during the therapy. If you get dehydrated, the detoxification process after the massage won’t be very effective to a fuller extent.

Keep Yourself Warm

Stay away from extremely hot and cold environments, as the pores open up and get active after the session, so you get sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Therefore, keep yourself warm by covering the areas after the cupping therapy. 

Take Proper Rest and Sleep

After the Hijama sessions, you may feel tired and experience symptoms like body aches, dizziness, or fatigue. These are temporary reactions and are completely normal. It is important to take rest, as, after the release of toxins and impure blood, the heart needs time to replace the blood lost during the therapy and pump out good blood. To make it happen, complete rest is essential.

Avoid Foods that Interfere with Detoxification

Foods containing caffeine, sugar, alcohol, dairy products, or meat items lower the treatment process and interfere with detoxification. It is important to keep your natural hormones intact after the Hijama process. As the therapy aims to restore the natural balance of the body, consuming dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, meat, or sugar items may restrain and slow down the process. 

Avoid Intense Exercise

Cupping therapy may have different after-effects on every individual; some may feel tired, while others may feel energetic. If you belong to the latter part, it is advised that you avoid intense activities. For instance, lifting weights or doing workouts post-cupping sessions. It is important for the body to conserve the energy needed for detoxification after the therapy. Therefore, light exercises like walking or easy stretching are recommended.

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