Top Places to Hand Out Custom Die Cut Flyers for Maximum Exposure

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It is one thing to create an incredible flyer for your business and another thing to hand them out. If you have to increase foot traffic on your business premises, marketing through flyer distribution is the answer.

Distributing a die cut flyer will help new and existing businesses drive up sales without causing you to spend more than your budget. Flyer distribution is an effective market method, which offers quick results.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top places where you can distribute your custom die cut flyers.

1. Parks

You will find announcement stands and community boards in parks. They are great for reaching out to people of all ages. from teenagers to elderly people, everyone goes to the park.

Moreover, a community board of the park generally has some kind of cover on it for keeping the flyer from being damaged or flying away by the weather. It will let your brand gain more exposure than usual.

2. Business Districts

You can distribute your rectangle flyer in a business district. These places have heavy foot traffic and are filled with working people who have spending power. Business districts are also saturated with professionals who might avail your products and services.

When you choose a business area to distribute your flyers, you can decide on the specific times of the day when people are coming out of their office to go home or take a break. This way your team will be able to maximize their effort and time and can reach out to as many target customers as possible.

3. Coffee Shops

In case you live in a rainy or windy area, it might be better to keep your flyers inside. One of the ideal indoor locations for your rectangle flyer printing is a coffee shop.

A majority of the coffee shops have a bulletin board where people hand business cards and flyers of all kinds. Usually, they are somewhere close to the register or hang above the area where people get their coffee.

Nevertheless, you have to talk to the manager or owner of a coffee shop before you pin your flyer to the board.

4. Bulletins and Newspapers

In case you have a newspaper stand in your area, you can leave out your flyers there for your customers to pick it as they walk past them. In case that is not an option, you can buy an ad in the newspaper and just insert the flyers rather than distributing them in every household. It means that the flyers will be shared with numerous people at once.

Also, you can look for a local town bulletin to just hang up a few flyers. They are the ideal places for people looking for babysitters or employees and a place for promoting local or new businesses.

5. Bus and Train Stations

Bus and train stations hardly run out of people. In case you are looking for a way to distribute as many flyers as you want and reach out to as many people as possible, these might be the ideal places for you.

Flyers are excellent reading materials to keep people engaged while they are traveling. Usually, commuters will be happy to take the flyers you are handing out and read them.

6. Restaurants

Not all restaurants will let you advertise your business on their property. However, the businesses that do usually have a localized feel to them. This is good for gaining the trust of your audience.

Often, restaurants encouraging community boards for supporting other businesses are highly popular. They are the type of places, which address their regular customers by name and try to be as welcoming as they can. Thus, the customers feel valued and appreciated, and when they come across your flyer in a setting like that, they begin to associate those feelings with your business.

  1. Beauty Parlors

Beauty parlors are anything from a hair salon, waxing center, nail salon, or barbershop. The trick to hanging the flyers in such a location is to learn about the target market.

It doesn’t make sense to hang the flyers in a barbershop for men if your target market is mostly women. Similarly, it is important to consider the income level and the consumer’s lifestyle habits when you are choosing between placing your flyers in a high-end versus an average beauty business location.


You have to target your flyer campaign a little more when you decide on the best places to hang or distribute them. It will give you the exposure you are looking for and it will help in boosting your sales.

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